Mafia pinball revealed!

For more than a year, a new small-scale pinball manufacturer has been secretly beavering away in their office in the city of Cardiff in South Wales, designing and building their first game.

With little-to-no outside knowledge of their efforts they have been spared the distractions of having to produce constant updates and respond to social media comments, and now have their first game ready to show the world.  And guess what?  They have already built ten of them and you can buy one right now.

Team Pinball is the collaboration of Janos Kiss, Otília Pasaréti and Romain Fontaine.

The three formed JOR Games Limited to design, build and distribute amusement games and accessories, with the Team Pinball brand used for their home-grown pinball products.

The first product is a modern take on an EM-style single-level game, entitled The Mafia.

The two-flippered game features a central spinner, a captive ball, two orbit lanes, three pop bumpers, three top rollover lanes, four bottom rollovers, five standup targets, LED lighting throughout and a 10.1″ LCD display in the backbox.