Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle pinball

Start saving your quarters, Alice Cooper fans – he’s coming to a pinball alley near you. Spooky Pinball – a company familiar to hard-rock and pinball fans through their work on Rob Zombie’s “Spookshow International” machine – has announced plans to debut the brand new “Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle” this year.

Promising “lots of classic and modern Alice Cooper music” that offers more than the “greatest hits,” the company describes “Nightmare Castle” as an “awesome spooky monster-filled adventure game” featuring background music from Rob Zombie band member Piggy D and “bad-ass retro comic style artwork” from comics artist Jeff Zornow.

“When I’m not onstage blasting nearly 50 years of music and getting my head chopped off every night, I tend to kick back. Some of you may know I’m quite the golfer; that’s how I relax. But when I’m really feeling crazy, I play pinball,” says Cooper in the clip. “The speed, the chaos, the mayhem, the brutality of that ball flying around out of control makes me happy! That’s why I’m excited to announce I’m finally getting my own pinball machine. I know you’ll like it because it’s all about me; my songs, my voice, my world — it’s all about me!”

500 Total units… price will be $6500.